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in 6 steps


Tell us about your online and visual communication needs, which are the interaction and atmosphere panoramas you have in mind when visiting your site?, what do you want to achieve between your users and clients?. Please remember to be detailed enough and give examples while writting to us your requirements, usually those details are the best players here to fully understand your needs and to prepare an accurate collaboration proposal. Write to us to or via contact form.


Let’s decide which framework fits better for your communication requirements: A. STATIC (informative, multi language ML, onepage) or B. DYNAMIC (blog, forum, e-store, catalog, ML). Choose between recommended HTML templates or WordPress themes *. Domain name plus hosting service are two core technical requirements for your online presence – if you have no experience with this two topics, we kindly give you a hand to decide where to park your domain and host your website. *(2 site visualization are included after step 3).


Here we do create a both side benefit contract, after it’s review and agreement we can start focusing on our job and your site’s configuration – from this point you are able to track and interact anytime with your project status via “Project Panorama System” which could be the core of our collaboration (it keeps a fluent and dynamic contact with you in order to implement the best solutions for your website.) Find out further details about our Privacy Terms – please be aware that 40% of the payment is required in advance.


Once we have set and reviewed the objectives, framework, formalities and have accesses, is time to configurate your site but not before receiving your site conten of course: formated text and media such graphics, photos, videos, audios, scans, e-documents, etc. – if you lack of information content or media, we can offer you an information content creation pack as a complementary website service – for media content check our branding offer. Both options; “content provided” or “content creation” include high quality graphic adaptations.

Polishing +

We understand the high speed changes around the internet presence and how it may influence your communication needs therefore your website requirements – using the “Project Panorama System” as a collaboration platform is crucial for both sides in order to respond efficiently to the updates, adjustments and following ups on time. We promess you that the usage if this sytem is very simple, fast & efficient, we just want to polish your website accurately.

Delivery +

Yessss! your website configuration is totally finished and polished, in order to receive accesses and documentation (admin tutorial, graphics and photographies) we will require the remaining 60% of the payment. From this point also start your two months of free support which includes; website framework updates, backups, content adjustments plus manteinance. If you would require major changes or complementary services to your delivered website – no worries – you obtain preferential prices now!

Budget Reference


Inversión Incluye
  • Admin Panel
  • Pages
  • Social media
  • Analytics
  • Indexation
  • SEO Ready
  • Newsletter
  • Video Tutorial
  • Royalty Photos
  • Support


from 150€
  • x 6
  • x 2
  • x 2 months


from 390€
  • x 18
  • x 8
  • x 5 months

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